VMware View and OS activation

This is on the same note as my previous post so please check that out here.

So when using VDA licences you either get MAK or KMS licenses. Also sometimes you don’t want to setup a KMS infrastructure.

I will not go into detail what the difference is between MAK and KMS because that will require a long and tedious post.

Activating a Virtual Desktop with these two kind of license models are quite different.


  • When using KMS, the desktop only needs access to the KMS server and it will be activated.
  • You can create desktops using both QuickPrep or SysPrep.
  • As such VMware View was intended to use KMS activation.


  • When using MAK, you use a “multiple activation key” to activate the desktops.
  • You can only create desktop using QuickPrep. You will need to activate the “golden” image for recomposing.
  • Sysprep will not allow the desktops to activate as the user needs to be a admin on the desktop. Thats really nothing you would want.


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