Yesterday I finished taking the VCA-DT exam at a Pearson Vue test center. Somehow I thought this test would be easier as there were some tough ones there. I passed though. 🙂
My recommendations for studying for this exam is to focus on the Admin guide and get lots of hands on with View setups.
Next I need to wait for the results from the VCP-DT beta exam I took 9 weeks ago 🙂

SSO timeout in VMware View

While browsing the View MGMT guide, like I do every coffee break 🙂 I saw this this nice feature that should be regarded as a critical config in all View enviroments.

When View users use the software View client the screen locks after 15 min, but anyone can disconnect the client and reconnect and voila, their desktop is unlocked and free for browsing.

This setting in View is the Single-Sign-On timeout, so after the time out period the user needs to sign in again.

So here is what needs to be done: Edit the LDAP directory with a edtior (ADSI Editor).

Change the pae-SSOCredentialCacheTimeout value, and it is set to minutes:

-1 = never timeout

0 = disable SSO

Anything greater then 0 is the amount of minutes that the Connection Server waits until the credentials timeout.