Custom alarms for events in vCenter 5.x

Some customer have been asking if I know why some machines are failing at consolidating the snapshot in the end of the backup job. It seems as the job finishes, but the snapshot deletion fails, some times leaving behind a large snapshot, or even some “ghost” snapshots.  Sometimes the event isn’t noticed until days later, or even worse. when the datastore fills up.

When this happens, an event is logged for the virtual machine, stating that the VM’s disks consolidation fails:

Virtual machine {} disks consolidation failed on {} in cluster {} in {}.

This is a perfect case for a custom alarm so the administrator can be informed when the consolidation failed.

  1. First you need a way to create custom alarms in vCenter. My main source of information is this handy document from the VMware communities (author hmundt): More fun with vSphere Alarms
  2. Second you need a list of event for the vSphere API. Veeam has been so kind to publish a list of events from the API for vSphere 5.0 which they make available for users for their great product Veeam One (and if anyone from Veeam reads this, an updated list for vSphere 5.1 will be much appreciated).
  3. Next you create a new alarm on the vCenter level, choose Virtual Machine, Event and for the Event trigger you just paste the vSphere API event text. In this case its:

Next time a consolidation job fails an Alarm will light up that VM and bother all the people you added on the email notification list.

Of course this list can be used to watch for EVERY event know in the vSphere API and is very handy when you need to watch for a specific event in one of those troubleshooting sessions.

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